A cultivation and possession of strength, power, and intentional force. We here at Mana strive to bring those 3 aspects out in our clothing.
The Mana Clothing Brand is a merchandise branch of the Mana Services Group. Founded in 2020, Mana Services provide premium care solutions for tamariki/rangatahi (children/youth), their whanau (family) and the wider community.
Being in the youth sector, we wanted to create more ways to resonate with our rangatahi (youth). Since most youth love keeping up with the latest trends, we thought, why not create a clothing brand.
The Mana Clothing Brand is more than just about clothing. How you feel on the inside reflects how you may look on the outside and vise versa. And so we strive to create a quality product that helps you uplift your wairua (spirit) on the inside, when you wear our brand on the outside. We do this by keeping in mind the foundations our Mana Services Group was built upon whenever we create our products - Manaaki (care), Aroha (compassion), Haepapa (responsibility), Hapori (community focused), Kaiarahi (mentorship), and Tupuranga Whakaumu (growth & transformation).
When you look good, you feel good. When you feel good, you perform.